Our lovely friend Shane Brown has asked us to go down to Chemult Oregon to go rock the socks off the lovely Gamblers for this years Gambler 500. An estimated 6500 people have decided to show up and we couldn't be more excited to share our music with everyone. If you are interested in attending here is the link with all the information. 


The adventure begins! We got our trailer and some camping gear, the dog is stoked and the call of the wild is strong. Four hour car ride here we go! 


So damn hot! We all made it safely and the gambler is definitely a sight to behold. There was no time in between setting up camp and getting all the gear unloaded to do a little check in but you bet your boots there will be one tomorrow. Till then here is a picture of the stage that Shane brown designed and set up. 


All day and all night the check-in area had a line it was crazy. Last I heard around 6500 people showed up to this thing and I can only see it getting bigger in the future.

DAY 2 GREAT SUCCESS! Sunburns and mounds of pumice. The adventure continues with music later on in the night. 

Woke up a tad bit hungover from the nights adventures. The band went on around midnight and the gamblers were on a mission to have a great night. This car drive home would be marked as the longest journey home in the history of the world. 

Here are some pictures from the adventure. We will add more as we consolidate each others content. Hail Sagan!