We will have these sweet silk screened posters numbered and signed by the artist at our Utah show. If you print this guy out now and hang it up somewhere using the #greyfictionstreetteam we will give you a free sticker and a raffle ticket to win one of these posters. Only 30 of them were made and the band helped pull the ink. We are super proud of them and can't wait to show them to you. 


This is going to be one hell of a show! Our good friends of Strange familia are from Utah and will be in the Northwest out on tour while we are from the Northwest going out to Utah to play a homecoming show only to meet right back here in Portland to play a show. They spent a really good amount of time creating their debut record. Its an amazing mix of pop and electric pop with some soulful melodies that make you wake up with the song still in your head after a nights rest. Super rad dudes and amazingly clever music. Make sure to check them out here. Salvo Idly will be joining us as well and as always they put together one hell of a set. From Portland, the band is growing quickly and we love playing shows with them. The dynamics they create with a trio makes my head cockeyed in amazement. Their pursuit of melodic enchanting groovy music keeps you engaged and entranced. Lyrically wonderful, rhythmically engaging and groovy as shit! All three bands will fit well together this night. Listen to Salvo Idly here